Adobe Lightroom Vs Picsart

Lightroom and Picsart are two great photo editing tools that can make your photos look stunning. In this article, we will comprehensively look at both Lightroom and Photoshop and also discuss their features, as well as their pros and cons, so you can easily choose the tool you need to fulfill your editing needs.

Lightroom Vs Picsart

Overview of Lightroom and Picsart

Lightroom is a professional image editing and management tool launched by Adobe in 2007. It has tons of features, from non-destructive editing to metadata. It also allows photographers to enhance their images while preserving the raw or original files.

Lightroom can also be integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud, where users can archive their photos and share and collaborate with their friends. Lightroom is available for android phone, iOS and windows.


Picsart is a well-known image editing and graphic design tool founded in 2011. It provides a variety of features, like creating collages, adding filters and effects, and making digital art.

It can be used by both amateur and professional photographers and artists due to its friendly interface. It is accessible to a wide range of creators due to its availability on various platforms, like mobiles and desktops.


Why Editing tools are essential in digital Photography??

By using different photo editing tools you can make your images look more cool and amazing. If you take a photo and the colors appear not quite right in it you can use an editing tool to fix that. Moreover, editing tools can help you in:

Improving Quality

 Editing tools can help you adjust brightness, and contrast, and sharpen your images, which can enhance their quality. Except for these features, tools have several other features that are available to improve your dull photos and make them look beautiful.

Fixing Errors

 Tools can help you fix any kind of error in your photos. These errors can be underexposure, overexposure, or backgrounds that do not fit well in your images.


Tools can help you explore your creativity by using different filters and effects available in them to make your photos appear unique and stunning.

Time Saving

 Tools can help you save time by making necessary adjustments to multiple photos. In the case of manual editing, you have to edit each photo individually which can be time-consuming and boring.

Accessible for All

Tools have a wide range of features available that fulfill the needs of all individuals having different skill levels. It can be easily used by both beginners and Professional editors.

In conclusion, editing tools can help your photos look amazing by fixing errors, saving you a lot of time, and being used by both amateur and professional editors.

Lightroom vs Picsart – Comparison

Lightroom and Picsart both offer several features that help in editing and creating wonderful images. We have made a comparison of their features, which is given below:

Professional Editing Tools

Lightroom offers different editing tools such as lens correction and adjusting exposure like brightness, contrast, and shadows. It also offers tools adjusting color balance, hue, and saturation and correcting lens distortion so that images appear clear and beautiful.

On the other hand, Picsart offers a variety of filters and presets to quickly edit your images it also offers tools for creating artistic effects such as blur and double exposure. You can also create customized stickers in Picsart.

Non-destructive Editing

Lightroom offers non-destructive editing meaning you can apply the required changes to an image without altering the original image data, so this provides you flexibility in editing your images however you like.

While Picsart offers a mix of non-destructive and destructive editing, you can apply filters and effects without having to change the original image, or if you prefer to apply changes to the original image, you can do that as well.

Integration with Photoshop

Lightroom can easily be integrated with Photoshop so you can easily share photos and do advanced editing tasks such as layer blending, masking and blending, etc.

Picsart stands alone as its application meaning it cannot be integrated directly with any other application so if you want to do advanced editing tasks then you would have to export your work.


Lightroom is known for its powerful editing capabilities and different organizational tools. But it does not have a built-in collage maker feature its main focus is only on editing photos.

While Pics-art has a built-in collage maker where you can combine multiple images and create a single image using different customizable layouts and templates.

Raw Image Editing

Lightroom is designed for professional photographers, so it offers raw image support, so you can easily edit raw images from your camera directly into your Lightroom software and make changes according to your preferences.

While Picsart does not offer raw image support, you cannot edit images directly taken from your camera.

Pricing: Lightroom Vs Picsart

Picsart offers a free plan with thousands of free templates and images, while they have a monthly Picsart Gold plan of 13$ monthly and 60$ yearly with thousands of premium templates and images. They also have a team plan of 15$ per month and 84$ per year with full premium access to every member. You can also have a free trial for 7 days.

Whereas Lightroom does not have any free plans, they offer a free trial for 7 days. They offer two photography plans: one has 20GB of cloud storage that costs $10$ per month, while the other has ITB cloud storage that costs $20 per month. They also have a standard Lightroom plan that costs $10$ per month and also offers 1TB of cloud storage.

Summary/Graph of Picsart vs Lightroom

Features LightroomPicsart
Supported file typeRAW/DNG file supportVarious Image format support
Color GradingAdvanced color grading optionsWide range of unlocked filters and effects 
User WorkflowSingle User WorkflowBeginner Friendly Workflow
Model of SubscriptionFull Functionality modelVarious Free feature available for use
DetailingFull control over image parametersPixel level editing with limited control  
Retouching ToolsPowerful masking and retouching toolsAi adjustment tools for editing  
Community InteractionLimited community interactionBroader community interaction
Creative OptionsLimited creativity involving basic editing optionAi stickers, collage makers, drawing    

For those comparing Lightroom with other popular editing apps, see our in-depth reviews on Lightroom vs Snapseed and Lightroom vs Remini.

Lightrooms vs Picsasrt –

Which One is best for you??  

We have discussed the features of both Lightroom and Picsart in detail. You can have a better understanding of these two software and choose the one which can fulfill your needs.
If you are a Professional Photographer or the one looking for advanced editing tools and want full control over the adjustments of your images then “Lightroom” is best for you.

If you are looking for software that has a wide range of creative options like stickers, collages, and effects and want to engage with a large community then “Picsart” is best for you.
Ultimately, “the best” among these two is the one that helps to cater to your specific needs and live up to your requirements


In conclusion, both Lightroom and Picsart offer unique features. Lightroom has more advanced editing features for professionals and can also be integrated with Photoshop, and Picsart has its variety of creative features like creating collages, stickers, etc. We have compared both of them in detail from head to toe. Moreover, the choice between them is yours; if you feel anyone among them is according to your preferences, you can choose it and make your images look stunning.

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